Pazartesi, Mart 14, 2011

MMA yıldızlarından Japonya'ya başsağlığı

Jan "The Giant" Nortje - "Thinking of all my friends in Japan , so sad to see the news , hope you all are ok!"
Ernesto Hoost - "My respect and sympathy goes out to everyone who's been effected by the tsunami in Japan. Power to you all....."
Fedor Emelianenko - "My deepest condolences go out to all those people that have been affected by the tragic disaster in Japan. I pray you’re given the strength, faith and courage to get through this."
Ray Sefo - "It's heart breaking to see the Japanese people go through what they're going through right now but my heart and prayers goes out to the Japanese people!! I love you Japan stay strong!!"
Team Golden Glory - "We wish the Japanese people all the strength and power in these extremely difficult times. This will be the hardest task, since the end of the second world war. We know that the Japanese people have unbelievable strength and discipline. After the second world war, the Japanese people "fought" like the real Samurai to rebuild Japan and become one of the strongest nations (economics) in the world in less then a few decades. We know that if there is one country be able to bounce back from this tragedy it is Japan, because of the strength and discipline of the Japanese people. We are sending all the good energy and power from Team Golden Glory to get through these difficult times. Like the Samurai, Japanese people never give up! Our condolences go to all the people who lost their lives and their families."
Gegard Mousasi - "Like many people I saw the news on tv of the terrible earthquake and tsunami. My thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people I can't imagine more devastating then losing everything my condolences to the victims and their families."
King Mo - "I was devastated when I saw the news reports. My love goes out to all the victims families and all of Japan. I have a special connection to Japan as I started my fighting there. The world is with you. Be strong and together we will get through anything."
Josh Thomson - "I wanna send my prayers to the families battling rough times right now in japan do to the earthquake an tsunami. There is obviously nothing I can say that will ease the pain an suffering of Japan. Japan should know my thoughts, best wishes an especially my prayers are with the whole country of Japan. God Bless!"
Marius Zaromskis - "I offer my sincere condolences to all the Japanese people suffering from this disaster. I can't even imagine how hard it is, but please be strong. My hopes are with you."
Alistair Overeem - "I would like to relay my condolences to Japan and all who are affected in the wake of the Tsunami! Horrible news!"
Josh Barnett - "The level of damage this earthquake caused has shown just how helpless we are against Mother nature. I hope my prayers and thoughts will reach the people in Japan. I also hope cooperation between Japan and America leads to every last person being rescued and given the aid they need."
Paul Daley - "My prayers are with Japan. I'm sure that a strong minded country like Japan can overcome this hardship and become even stronger. I pray for all the victims and their families."
Cole Escovedo - "I'm deeply hurt that Japanese people met such a sudden, horrible accident. When I visited Japan, I was so impressed with the efforts Japanese people make to maintain the beauty of their culture. I remember that Japanese people welcomed me, and I'm disappointed in myself as I can't do anything for them now. I hope the damage will be a minimum. I'm praying for the fans their and families."
Sam Greco - "For all the people in Japan, your country played a major part in my life and career. It was my second home. I was always loved by the people there and now I truly feel your pain. Through this devastating time, my heart goes out to everyone there. It’s tragic what has happened, but unfortunately nothing could have prevented it."
Semmy Schilt - "In this way we want to express our feelings to all victims and people of this enormous disaster in Japan. We hope everybody has the strength and power to overdone this."

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Çok kötü bi durum. İleride gitmek istediğim yer olunca birde. Umarım daha da büyümez olaylar. Buradaki isimlerede bakınca. Ya J-MMA'e hizmet etmiş yada Kickboxing yapmış kişiler görüyoruz. Hiç bir 'güncel' UFC yıldızının ( Japonlar dışında tabiki Gomi, Kid, Akiyama vb. ) açıklama yapmamış olmasınada ( vardır elbet ama kaç gündür denk gelmedim öyle bir habere vrsa eğer bilgilendirirseniz sevinirim ) şaşırmadım açıkcası.

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